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It's World Kindness Day! Easy, quick acts of kindness you can do with your family today

Happy World Kindness Day! Did you know that since 1998, November 13 has been recognized as THE day to internationally celebrate the importance of being kind? If you didn't know this was a thing? No problem! Yes, World Kindness Day can be a fun day to get creative with big Oprah-moment giveaways and out-of-the-box acts of kindness, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to simply be intentional. To choose to act with kindness through simple actions in everyday circumstances. Acting with kindness doesn't have to take extra time, effort or money, but with regular practice and a deliberate intention to be kind, you can always change someone's day for the better. So if you're looking for easy acts of kindness that you can do today (and everyday) to put more positivity into the world, we've got you covered!

It’s the Season of Giving! 10 fun holiday traditions that give back

When you think about Christmas growing up, what do you remember the most? Details on the presents under the tree likely fade from one year to the next. But the special experiences and traditions are the memories that, for most of us, stand out and mean the most. Lots of people have traditions around food, music, crafts, gifts and more... but what about traditions around kindness? Since it is the Season of Giving, after all, here are some of our favourite holiday traditions centred on kindness and doing things for others. They are sure to be the things that those special memories are made of, for years to come!

Introducing our 2019 Charity Partner - Mamas For Mamas

Mamas For Mamas Logo, My Kindness Calendar charity partner

When I created My Kindness Calendar, it was important for me to have a clear set of values underlying not only my products but also my company. As a product whose whole raison d'être is to encourage the daily practice of kindness, it was critical to me that, as a company, we "practiced what we preached". And this is why, since launching over 2 years ago, we have built a platform for giving into our brand. Every year, My Kindness Calendar donates 5% of profits, plus in-kind donations of product, to deserving charities doing great work on issues we are passionate about. And as a mom-run business looking to help families raise kids with confidence and kindness, we usually find ourselves working with charities doing great things for children, mamas and their families, and their mental health and wellness. 

Which brings us to our current charity partner, with whom we've been working this past year. We are thrilled to introduce you to Mamas For Mamas, and the incredible work they do across the country for mothers and children.