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Activities to foster an attitude of gratitude

With Canadian Thanksgiving being celebrated this weekend, I want to know, how do you foster an attitude of gratitude with your kids? Not only on Thanksgiving but every day? The holiday is a perfect opportunity to bring thanks and gratitude to light and encourage conversations about how, why and for whom we are grateful. But let’s not forget, these are conversation starters and topics perfect for any day!

To get you started, here are some easy ways to help kids give thanks, this weekend and beyond! 

Kindness in the Classroom - 5 books about kindness to prep for Back to School

How do you prep your kids for back to school? There are clothes to buy, lunches to pack and friends to meet. But this year, we're also encouraging parents to spend some time talking about and role modelling kindness. Help your kids be the kind of kids you want them to be surrounded by. A little bit of kindness opens the door to everything we want for our kids in school: safe space, comfort, confidence, positive learning outcomes, empathy, inclusiveness and so much more. To get you on your way, here are some great picks for back to school reading, to inspire and encourage your kids to bring kindness to the classroom.

Happy kids, happy birthdays - giving back at birthday time

For me, summers have always meant birthdays. I have such fond memories of big summer backyard birthday parties with timeless themes and elaborate cakes that my mom would spend hours decorating. Now with my own little ones celebrating their birthdays in the summer and fall, these traditions live on. But just like at Christmastime with My Kindness Advent Calendar, it’s become important for me to add one more layer to our birthday celebrations. And no, I don’t mean one more layer of chocolate cake, but a layer of kindness, so my kids can experience balance between giving and receiving on their most special day of the year. Here are some of my favourite ways to incorporate kindness into your kids' birthday celebrations - kindness to charity, to your guests, and to the planet.