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Introducing the 100 Kids Who Care movement

How do you get kids to care about their communities? To look beyond themselves and the privilege that they may be so fortunate to enjoy? To care about others and their communities and to want to give back? These are questions that I often hear from parents, and that I ask myself too, now that I'm a mom. Well, when I heard about the 100 Kids Who Care Movement, a lightbulb went off! If you haven't heard of this amazing program, read on. Because if you were asking yourself any of those questions above, then some wonderful ideas and answers can be found in innovative programs like 100 Kids Who Care.

Inspiring charitable giving in your kids

Mark your calendars - Giving Tuesday is coming up on Tuesday, November 27! Giving Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, when charities, companies and individuals join together to give back through donations, time or volunteering. What a great day to mark the start of the Season of Giving! And what better time to get your kids interested in giving back too. In honour of Giving Tuesday, here are a few fun ways to get the charitable conversation started with your kids.

The Benefits of Being Kind

World Kindness Day is coming up on November 13! We love that there’s a special day dedicated to celebrating acts of kindness across the globe but it also brings up the question - shouldn’t we be acting with kindness every day and not just on a special occasion? Our answer - a resounding yes! And if your kids ask “why”, as kids often do, here are some great reasons and benefits of being kind!