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  • Maran Stern-Kubista


    Maran is the founder of My Kindness Calendar - an innovative new tool to actively engage kids and support parents in practicing kindness together. Maran is passionate about empowering families to raise kind, compassionate and empathetic kids an easy and accessible way, as she aims to do with her two kids at home. In her pre-mom days, Maran worked in senior leadership at one of Canada's leading social enterprises focused on youth empowerment and social justice, and as an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer in Toronto.




We loved My Kindness Advent Calendar for so many reasons. It keeps the communication open about acts of kindness and putting out into the universe and community more love and kindness. It also takes the focus off the candy in traditional calendars and puts the focus on the fun of the countdown. We love the kindness calendar and look forward to next year!

Cheryl Hickey, Canadian TV Personality and Celeb

As a busy mama of six children, I do everything I can to promote a peaceful household full of kind and community minded small humans. I was so happy when I found this twist on the traditional Advent calendar! I find it engaging and creates meaningful conversations among the children. This product is so refreshing at a time of year when so many kids are focusing on what they want!

Julie Cole, Co-founder of Mabel’s Labels, Parenting Blogger and Mom of six

It’s been a good reminder of how small actions throughout the day can have such a big impact. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s a bit contagious. I have changed directions and embraced a kinder alternative several times the past few days. With others and with myself.

Kathleen, mom of 2


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