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My Kindness Advent Calendar is a premium-quality reusable wall calendar that helps teach kids about kindness by counting down to Christmas with daily acts of giving instead of getting. Our calendars encourage people young and old to build and strengthen their "giving" muscles by practicing daily acts of kindness together and help to instill kindness, compassion, and empathy in kids.

My Kindness Calendar was directly inspired by founder Maran Stern-Kubista's personal experience as a mother. When her daughter was 3 and December rolled around, she noticed a gap in her family's traditions and the way they prepared for the holidays - while the holidays were full of beautiful traditions around food, crafts, music and more, there was no tangible way for her young daughter to participate in traditions of giving. So that year, a new family tradition and “My Kindness Advent Calendar” was born. With construction paper and painter's tape, they mounted a tree on the wall surrounded by kind ideas, each accompanied by a simple picture so her daughter could recognize the idea, without yet being able to read the words. As with a traditional advent calendar, they used the calendar daily in December, but instead of getting a toy or candy, would choose an act of kindness to do together. It was something they looked forward to each day, and presented an easy and accessible way to start important conversations about helping others, being kind, and other topics deemed important to discuss.

Having seen the impact in her own home as well as through years of experience overseeing youth empowerment and leadership programs across the country, Maran has seen countless young people make action plans to create change and practice kindness in their communities. My Kindness Advent Calendar is an easy, fun and accessible way to empower kids and families to practice daily kindness and do those great things that kids can and will do, if we give them the opportunity and set the example early. 

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Maran Stern-Kubista
Maran is the founder of My Kindness Calendar - an innovative new tool to actively engage kids and support parents in practicing kindness together. Maran is passionate about empowering families to raise kind, compassionate and empathetic kids an easy and accessible way, as she aims to do with her two kids at home. In her pre-mom days, Maran worked in senior leadership at one of Canada's leading social enterprises focused on youth empowerment and social justice, and as an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer in Toronto.
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"I know that my entire family will enjoy filling My Kindness Calendar this holiday season. I also know that this will be something that we will put away carefully and pull out every year. I truly think this calendar will be a new Christmas tradition for our family."
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"My Kindness Calendar is a fantastic addition to our holiday traditions. It's easy to use and inspired my family to do a little more to spread love and joy this Christmas. Letting kids choose what acts we do, and who we bestow the kindness on helps them become thoughtful and kind people. "
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"It’s been a good reminder of how small actions throughout the day can have such a big impact. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s a bit contagious. I have changed directions and embraced a kinder alternative several times the past few days. With others and with myself."
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