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My Mindset Magnets

My Mindset Magnets

My Mindset Magnets


My Mindset Magnets are a fun new way to practice the power of positive thinking. This colourful collection of over 200 inspiring words makes it easy to build affirmation statements every day in a creative way, and to help train the brain so that what you believe is what you become! 

Affirmations are a proven way to help foster self-confidence, resilience, growth-mindset and emotional intelligence in kids and adults alike. Building these skills has never been so fun to do. Build connection and attachment by working as a family to build affirmations together. 

Our unique design helps to promote social-emotional learning, reading and literacy. Words are colour coded (red for verbs, blue for nouns, and turquoise for adjectives!) to help kids learn word classes and sentence structure. 

Developed in consultation with leading child psychologists and educators. 

Build a new empowering statements every day like: 





And so, so more much! Let your creativity run free!


Key features:

♡ REUSABLE: Removable and reusable magnets can be used over and over

♡ QUALITY: Durable magnets maintain quality with each use

♡ TEACHING TOOL: Promotes social-emotional learning, reading and literacy through child-led activity

♡ ALL AGES: Engaging, fun and relevant for both kids and adults, while encouraging connection and attachment between parents and children

♡ CUSTOMIZABLE: Over 200 inspiring words to choose from to create countless affirmation statements 

♡ LOCAL: Designed and ethically made in Canada

♡ GIVES BACK: 5% of profits donated annually to deserving charities 

For ages 6 and up. 

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years. 

Free shipping on all North American orders over CDN $100/US $75. Low $5 flat-fee shipping per item in North America, and $15 flat-fee shipping per item for international locations. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love these magnets!

I now spend plenty of time at my fridge creating motivational phrases that serve as inspiration for me and my guests. It’s also a fun game to play during dinner parties. Absolutely love this product. It also makes for a perfect addition to a housewarming gift or stocking stuffer.

So cute and great for working on sentence structure

The messaging and vocabulary building with this magnet set is wonderful, but the color coding for sentence structure was a bonus that made them even more awesome. My daughter is just learning to read and put sentences together so she had so much fun putting them together in color order to see what kind of phrases she could make. And I LOVE the empowering messages.

Endless fun for kids

These magnets are such a fun activity for my kids. We love using them to make both inspiring and goofy sentences. As a word nerd, I love that it is thoughtfully designed to teach kids parts of language and sentence structure while also inspiring them and giving them empowering vocabulary. Our whole family loves these magnets.

I am...

I love the Mindset Magnet set! What a wonderful concept with the color coding to help with the various parts of speech! I think this would be helpful for young children learning to read as well as older children reviewing parts of speech. So often we are our toughest critics. The Mindset Magnet set offers individual children and teens, as well as families, a chance to work together to encourage and support one another every day with positive affirmations. For the child who is more reserved, this set works wonders as our oldest prefers to select a word or two to describe her day. It works as a great conversation starter. I like that while there are positive affirmations that there are also feeling words that some people may associate with as negative. I think children should be taught from early on that whatever they are feeling is their feeling - there are no right or wrong feelings. I think this magnet set is a great tool to help support one another with positive affirmations as well as support one another no matter how their day is going that day by just starting with I am...

Daily Inspiration for ALL humans, big and tiny!

My Mindset Magnets are now a permanent fixture on our fridge. While my boys are still too young to read, they are thrilled to help me pick out different coloured and shaped magnets, and I know that watching me create daily mantras is helping them to understand the impact your mindset can have on your day, week, month—your life! I gifted the magnets to my 40 year old brother and he’s obsessed; he’s now gifting them to his own friends! 100% suitable for humans of all ages!!