Inspire with Kindness

Instill kindness, compassion and gratitude in your children with easy everyday acts

Connect with Kindness

Connect as a family and create meaningful moments together

Have fun with Kindness

Our daily acts of kindness are fun for the whole family

Meet My Kindness Calendar

At My Kindness Calendar, we make quality reusable kindness calendars for special occasions and everyday use. Our calendars encourage people young and old to build and strengthen their "giving" muscles by practicing daily acts of kindness. Simply apply My Kindness Calendar and Kindness Stickers to any wall, choose an act of kindness to perform each day, and track your impact as your calendar fills and kindness spreads. Made in North America from premium removable, reusable and durable fabric wall decals, My Kindness Calendars are truly unique and designed to be enjoyed over and over again.

A wonderful tool to instill kindness, compassion and gratitude in children and create meaningful memories as a family, My Kindness Calendars are sure to be a one-of-a-kind addition and tradition in your home. Our signature calendar - My Kindness Advent Calendar - is available now, in time for Christmas 2017. 

My Kindness Advent Calendar

My Kindness Advent Calendar is a new Christmas tradition for every family who wants to focus on giving this holiday season. Like a traditional advent calendar, My Kindness Advent Calendar helps you countdown to Christmas during the month of December, but instead of getting the usual chocolate or toy, each day is an opportunity to give an act of kindness. 

Reuse My Kindness Advent Calendar every year and make kindness an annual tradition for your family and your holidays.

What makes My Kindness Calendar unique

Teaching Tool

Our unique interactive design empowers children to choose daily actions that align with their moods and interests. This leads to greater personal accountability and fulfillment, since they choose each task themselves. By using the calendar as a family, adults can role-model kindness, and help to instill kindness and compassion within their kids.

All ages

Our acts of kindness are carefully designed to be fun and easy for people of all ages to perform, either individually or together as a family. Even the youngest children can actively participate thanks to the pictures on each Kindness Sticker that allow kids to identify and choose which acts to do each day, even before they can read.


No two calendars are the same! Every time My Kindness Calendar is used, the experience will be unique since the chosen acts and order will be different. In addition to the acts of kindness included with each calendar, customizable stickers allow participants to add acts of kindness that align with personal interests and passions.


We use premium removable and reusable fabric-based wall decals. Our decals can be used countless times without losing their stickiness or compromising on quality. They can be applied to any smooth surface and removed without damage or leaving residue behind. Extremely durable, our decals spring back to life if folded or crinkled.

My Kindness Calendar in Action

Watch how easy, fun and impactful it is to countdown to Christmas with My Kindness Advent Calendar!

How to Use My Kindness Calendar

  • Step 1: Stick It

    Stick your premium fabric-based calendar decal to any clean, dry, smooth and flat wall. Simply unroll the decal and smooth onto the wall as you go. Place the Kindness Stickers on the perimeter so your acts of kindness are on display every day. 

  • Step 2: Use It

    Every day, choose and perform an act of kindness that appeals to you. Use the Kindness Stickers included with your calendar, or add your own ideas to the customizable stickers. Peel and stick the Kindness Stickers on your calendar and track your impact.

  • Step 3: Store It

    My Kindness Calendar can be quickly and easily removed without damage to walls or leaving residue behind. Store My Kindness Calendar and the Kindness Stickers on their original backing and in the original packaging for easy and compact storage. 

  • Step 4: Reuse It

    Our premium fabric-based wall decals can be stuck and re-stuck countless times. Extremely durable, our decals will not rip, and will spring back to life if folded or crinkled. Smooth the decals onto the wall each time you reuse them and they will look as good as new.