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“Donate Old Clothing” - Extending clothing’s life cycle as a holiday act of kindness

You know that feeling that kids get on Christmas morning when they march down the stairs to find a tree full of presents and shiny gifts? That magical excitement and glint in the eye? I liken that to the feeling I get when a fellow parent passes along a bag of second-hand kids clothes. Oh the joy! To not have to run to the store each time my kids shoot up inches over night! To have back-up clothes at the ready when holes present in the knees or when yesterday’s style is yesterday’s news! To avoid the busy shopping malls and the delays on online orders! Needless to say, as a parent, I love hand-me-downs. And as a person, privileged to live on this planet, I love them too and know how important extending the life-cycle of clothing is, from an environmental perspective. Which is why I included “Donate Old Clothing” as an Act of Kindness in My Kindness Advent Calendar - for your fellow parents and for the planet. 

“Support the Arts”: How kids can support the arts and why it’s important to do!

When I created My Kindness Calendar and was choosing the original 25 Acts of Kindness to include, one came to mind right away: Support the Arts. It may not be one of the first things that pops to mind when you think about being kind, but for me, it was a given! Once upon a time, before my parenting and entrepreneurial days (you know, the “old days” that all us parents look back on fondly), I was an artist! I studied opera at university, and spent my entire childhood in theatre, music, dance and more. It was formative. The foundational values and skills that my experience in the arts provided me with - communication, empathy, self-confidence, teamwork, I could go on - have served me so well in life. Supporting the arts is close to my heart for the value that art provides, as is exposing kids to the arts, for the sake of their own development. 

"Learn about a Holiday from Another Culture": Building Empathy, Understanding and Global Citizenship

One of my favourite holiday traditions growing up was Christmukah. We celebrated both Christmas and Hannukah in my house, and it was always a source of pride for me to be exposed to different traditions, perspectives and experiences. It made me feel special to be part of something unique. And isn't that what we want all of our kids to feel? Special and unique? Giving kids the opportunity to share what makes them unique and special - be it the holidays that they celebrate or the way that they celebrate them - is so important for building self-confidence. And exposing kids to other people's experiences, perspectives, religions and traditions is foundational in building empathy, encouraging inclusion, and raising global citizens who care for and understand their neighbours and the world.