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What is My Kindness Calendar?

My Kindness Calendars are calendars that inspire and help you perform and track daily acts of kindness. They are an amazing tool to help instill kindness, compassion and the spirit of giving in children and adults alike, and to create meaningful moments as a family.

How do you use My Kindness Calendar?

Mount My Kindness Calendar on your wall, surrounded by the Kindness Decals included with your calendar. Each day, choose an act of kindness to do on your own or as a family, or add your own ideas using our customizable decals. Add the decal to your calendar and track your impact as your calendar fills up and kindness spreads.

What types of acts of kindness are included?

The acts of kindness included with My Kindness Calendar are always fun and easy to do. They can be performed by people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents, and can be enjoyed countless times as you reuse My Kindness Calendar often. The acts are simple, fun and affordable to ensure that families can find time in their busy lives to prioritize a daily act. From family members to the environment, neighbours to your local and global community, we have included impactful acts that spread kindness in a variety of ways.

Why is My Kindness Calendar helpful as a teaching tool to instill kindness in kids?

There is nothing like My Kindness Calendar out there! Our unique design allows the user to actively select an engaging act of kindness each day that aligns with their mood and interests, as opposed to being told what to do on a daily basis. This enables the user to meaningfully craft a daily action plan, which is especially important for kids. With My Kindness Calendar, children are empowered to think about kindness critically and independently, and to direct their own participation in the process, building greater personal accountability to accomplish the act as well as pride when it has been completed. My Kindness Calendar also presents the opportunity for parents to role-model the importance of kindness and for families to take action together, which is one of the most powerful ways a child can learn. This active participation helps to instill kindness, compassion and gratitude in children and adults of all ages.

What is My Kindness Calendar made from?

My Kindness Calendars are truly unique and eco-friendly. They are made from premium-quality fabric-based wall decals and can be stuck and re-stuck countless times without losing their stickiness, damaging your walls, or leaving a sticky residue behind. Our calendars and decals are extremely durable. You can even crush, crinkle, fold, or squash them and they will spring back to life when you are ready - perfect for little hands who will be using the decals often. Smooth the decals onto the wall each time you reuse them, and they will look as good as new!

Where can I use My Kindness Calendar?

My Kindness Calendar works best when applied to a clean, dry, flat and smooth wall or surface. Results may vary on stucco and eggshell painted surfaces. We do not recommend applying your calendar to brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavily painted spackled wall board. We recommend waiting 30 days before applying My Kindness Calendar to any newly painted surfaces for out-gassing before installation.

How do you remove and store My Kindness Calendar?

My Kindness Calendars are removable and reusable. Simply remove and re-roll My Kindness Calendar and the Kindness Decals onto their original backing or wax paper, and store in their original packaging for easy and compact storage. For best results, remove My Kindness Calendar slowly on a hard angle on itself (as opposed to pulling perpendicular). 

Where are My Kindness Calendars made?

My Kindness Calendars are lovingly designed in Toronto, Ontario, and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan.

Are there other calendars in addition to My Kindness Advent Calendar?

You can expect to see more offerings soon! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates on new products coming soon. 

Is My Kindness Calendar available for wholesale purchases? 

If you are interested in purchasing My Kindness Calendar for your retail store, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to info@mykindnesscalendar.com for inquiries on wholesale purchases.

What acts of kindness is My Kindness Calendar doing?

At My Kindness Calendar, we aim to practice kindness every day! This includes donating 5% of our profits to a worthy charity of choice each year. For further details, see our section on Giving Back.