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Covid-friendly acts of kindness to do from home to celebrate World Kindness Day

Covid-friendly acts of kindness to do from home to celebrate World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! 

Well of course, 2020 - World Kindness Day just happens to fall on a Friday the 13th this year. But 2020 ain't got nothing on this day. I'd say the world needs a little extra kindness more than ever right now, and what better time to start than today! Since 1998, November 13 has been recognized as THE day to internationally celebrate the importance of being kind. So let's get to it and warm up those kindness muscles before Advent starts on December 1!  

Have you ever gotten that "good feeling" when you help someone out, volunteer, or do a random act of kindness? Turns out it's not just a feeling, it's science. Acting with kindness releases endorphins, similar to that great feeling you get when you exercise. It boosts serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being. It releases the hormone oxytocin which can lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety. It increases our self esteem and sense of purpose. And it inspires others, sending ripples out beyond where you can see. So simply put, being KIND is KIND of a big deal. 

Covid may have distanced us, but it won't hold us back. We've got you covered with 20 easy acts of kindness you can do this year, even from home and in isolation!

For your family and friends:

♡ Call a relative out of town 

♡ Organize a zoom party - we love family zoom bingo! 

♡ Ask a grandparent to tell you a story from their childhood

♡ Email an old friend you've been meaning to check in on 

♡ Surprise a friend with take-out ordered to their home from a local restaurant 

♡ Write a hand-written letter to someone 

♡ Wish someone a belated birthday, whose bday you missed 

♡ Do someone else's chores

♡ Make dinner as a family 

♡ Let your parents sleep in! (this one's for the kiddos :)) 

For your community:

♡ Write a thank you note for a teacher for working so hard 

♡ Donate to a go-fund-me or kickstarter campaign 

♡ Do a closet clean out for donations (when Covid appropriate)  

♡ Leave a positive review online for a small business 

♡ Buy a gift card to a local small business 

♡ Write a positive message in chalk on the sidewalk

♡ Choose a charity to support this holiday season

♡ Donate to the local food bank

♡ Spread positivity on social media 

♡ Learn about a charity whose work you don't know enough about 

And if World Kindness Day's got you in the mood for more, why not count down to Christmas with acts of kindness and My Kindness Advent Calendar - that's what we'll be doing come December! 


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