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Little Love Notes for a Covid Valentine's Day

Little Love Notes for a Covid Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and although we're used to it by now, this time around we're having to do things a little bit differently due to Covid times. Whether you're in lockdown life or back to normal, the effects of this past year have most likely left you needing an extra hug and TLC more than ever. They may have to be virtual and distanced, but we've got 3 easy, heart-warming ways to spread some love this Valentine's Day and beyond and let your loved ones, near and far, know that although we may be apart, they are so very loved.

Little Love Notes - FREE PRINTABLE 

We love this new little printable which will get your littles thinking of sweet words for their family and friends near and far. We love getting kids to think beyond "I love you" to the real meaning behind the words - why do you love who you love? How do they make you feel and what do you love doing together? These simple questions help to build emotional intelligence and gratitude. And focussing on special memories from the past and exciting plans for the future is healing in these Covid times, reminding us all this is but a moment in time.


Our all-time favourite Free Printable "Mail-a-Hug" lets you send love to your loved ones, no matter how far they are. Who doesn't need an extra hug right now? The cuteness of this colouring sheet will make up for the fact that hugs can't be in person right now. If you haven't sent this one out through the mail yet, you will love it for Valentine's Day! 

My Mindset Magnets 


And if you want a little something extra to celebrate love and, just as importantly, self-love everyday, give My Mindset Magnets a try. Our magnetic poetry set includes over 200 positive and inspiring words to help you craft affirmation and self-love statements consistently. A few of the little notes I'll be leaving for my Valentines: "I love you", "You deserve love and respect", "Choose love", "I am grateful you are my daughter/son" and so many more. Our My Mindset Magnets get kids thinking positively and creatively, encouraging them to build self-confidence, resilience and more through an affirmation practice. There's no better act of love than self-love, and practicing it alongside your kiddos is even better. 

However you choose to celebrate this year, Happy (Covid) Valentine's Day! 



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