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School inspired acts of kindness to build a culture of community and caring

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Three weeks into back to school... how are you and your kiddos feeling? I've been really pleased, actually, with the ease with which both the kids and I have transitioned back into the routines. Easy goodbyes in the morning, late night lunchbox packing on my end, and just one late slip so far (which for us is a huge success!) But still, with all of the wins, after 3 weeks, the new normal has sunk in and the questions are starting to come... When's the next PD Day? Is it a long weekend yet? And then of course there's the sicknesses. The inevitable runny nose, if you're lucky, or stomach bug, if you're not, that's sure to start moving through your house after 3 weeks of school.

Well, with no PD days or long weekends on the horizon just yet, cue a little something different to shake up the back to school routine. You guessed it... an act of kindness! Give your kiddos a special kindness mission on their way to school this week. Not only will it add something new and exciting to look forward to, but on a larger level, it's empowering our kids to shape the culture of caring and community in their schools by choosing to act with kindness and spread positivity. These are the things we want our kids to feel for the first few weeks of school and beyond.

So with this in mind, here are some of our favourite school-inspired acts of kindness to help your kiddos fill their emotional backpacks with good vibes this week!

  1. Pick fresh fall apples for your teachers
  2. Say hello to a special teacher from an earlier grade and show them how much you've grown
  3. Meet the school crossing guards and bring them a morning coffee
  4. Hold the door open for someone behind you at school
  5. Go to school early and write positive messages in chalk in the yard
  6. Donate extra school supplies to the office to be shared with a family who needs some extra support
  7. Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch
  8. Make kindness bookmarks with positive messages and hide them in school library books
  9. Pick up litter on the school playground
  10. Smile at everyone you pass in the hallway
  11. Ask a teacher how you can help them today
  12. Hide kindness rocks in the school playground (download our step-by-step freebie on how to make kindness rocks and other great crafts here)
  13. Say hello to a new friend
  14. Donate old books to your school library
  15. Make a donation to an international charity who sends kids to school in developing countries
  16. Write a thank you note to the school custodians for keeping the school clean
  17. Pack a no waste lunch
  18. Bike or walk to school instead of drive
  19. Read "Have you Filled a Bucket Today" as a class (and check out other great back to school books here)
  20. Make cookies for the principal and office staff
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