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My “Be Kind All The Time" Kindness Calendar

$52.50 $70.00 saving $17.50
My “Be Kind All The Time" Kindness Calendar

My “Be Kind All The Time" Kindness Calendar

$52.50 $70.00 saving $17.50
  • Inspire kids to be kind every day in a creative way with My “Be Kind All the Time” Kindness Calendar! This reusable wall decal set contains 25 acts of kindness decals, 5 customizable decals, and a beautiful wall calendar designed to please not just children but their parents too as families build a kindness practice together.

    Children will love the hands-on child-led experience of choosing a daily act of kindness, adding it to their calendar, and tracking their impact as they go.

    Parents will love creating meaningful moments for connection as a family, helping their kids explore new emotions and ideas, and cultivating social-emotional skills like empathy, gratitude, self-confidence, inclusion, a growth mindset, global citizenship and more, all through our carefully chosen acts of kindness which serve as connection points and conversation starters on important topics.

    Watch your children's self-confidence soar as they are empowered and inspired to make a difference, think of others, and use their special talents in their own unique and meaningful way!  

    Our flexible design includes space for 30 decals, allowing families to customize their kindness calendar any week, month, or celebration throughout the year in countless creative ways. Our premium quality wall decals are designed for little hands and meant to be used over and over again. 

  • 1 Wall Calendar with space for 30 decals, 18”W x 22”H

    25 Act of Kindness Decals, specifically chosen to foster vital social-emotional skills and act as conversation starters around:

    ♡ EMPATHY:  ex. Ask Someone How They are Feeling 
    ♡ GRATITUDE: ex. Make a Toast!
    ♡ GROWTH MINDSET: ex. Help Solve a Problem
    ♡ SELF-CONFIDENCE: ex. Tell Someone what makes you Special
    ♡ INCLUSION: ex. Introduce Yourself to Someone New
    ♡ GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: ex. Learn Hello in a New Language

    5 Customizable Decals 

  • Premium-quality reusable wall decals are durable, removable and reusable, leave no residue behind and maintain quality with each use

    Designed in Canada, made in the U.S.A.

    Developed in consultation with leading child psychologists and educators

    5% of profits to charity 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
H. Laird
Best Gift for Kids

The joy has been extended out to my god daughter, nieces and nephews' homes as they use the 'Be Kind All The Time' Calendars.
It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Blah Blah


Kindness Calendar

We haven't started using our kindness calendar but are set to do so. It will be a kindness countdown to my son's 4th birthday and we are so excited to get started. The quality is great. The acts of kindness are perfect ideas and we love that we can add some of our own. Excited to get this started and reuse it again in the future.

A. Colquhoun
Kindness Is Contagious!!!

I love, love, love both calendars and the Mindset Magnets! My little ones are faithful users, and this year we’re spreading the love by gifting them to loved ones. I know they’ll be a hit. Whether at home or in the classroom these activities make kindness contagious!!

Kathleen O'Hagan
This is truly a gift that keeps on giving... in so many different ways!

I love the idea behind this calendar so much. It has helped me have important discussions with my little boy... during a time of year when kids are known for being a lot more greedy than giving. ;) I also really like that you can re-use it and that the experience evolves in a wonderfully positive way as your child matures. Speaking of re-using it, I was a bit skeptical when I first read the stickers would remain sticky year after year -- but they seriously do. We've had ours for 3 years now, and the calendar and stickers both look brand new. Thank you for coming up with such a beautiful idea for our little ones. Will a gratitude version come out for Thanksgiving anytime soon?? :D