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My “Be Kind All The Time" Kindness Calendar

My “Be Kind All The Time" Kindness Calendar

My “Be Kind All The Time" Kindness Calendar


The "Be Kind All the Time" Kindness Calendar lets you encourage and practice kindness any time! Fully customizable, our versatile design lets you flexibly practice kindness in a way that works for your family. Choose an act of kindness every day from the reusable Kindness Decals included with your calendar or by adding your own ideas to the customizable decals. The Calendar includes 30 spaces and Decals, letting you focus on kindness any week or any month of the year. 

Our unique design helps to promote social-emotional learning and builds connection and attachment by encouraging families to practice kindness together.  Our acts of kindness are specifically chosen to foster vital social-emotional skills and act as conversation starters around:

EMPATHY:  ex. Ask Someone How They are Feeling 

GRATITUDEex. Make a Toast!

GROWTH MINDSET: ex. Help Solve a Problem 

SELF-CONFIDENCE: ex. Tell Someone what makes you Special

INCLUSION: ex. Introduce Yourself to Someone New

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: ex. Learn Hello in a New Language

Developed in consultation with leading child psychologists and educators. 

Key features:

♡ REUSABLE: Removable and reusable fabric decals can be used over and over again

♡ QUALITY: Durable decals leave no residue and maintain quality with each use

♡ TEACHING TOOL: Promotes social-emotional learning through child-led activity

♡ ALL AGES: Engaging, fun and relevant for both kids and adults

♡ CUSTOMIZABLE: A one-of-a-kind experience with customizable decals included. Calendar includes 30 decals and can be used weekly, monthly or in any way you want

♡ LOCAL: Designed and ethically made in North America 

♡ GIVES BACK: 5% of profits donated annually to deserving charities 

Each Calendar contains:
- 1 reusable Any Time My Kindness Calendar (18" x 22")
- 25 reusable Kindness Decals, featuring suggested acts of kindness
- 5 customizable and reusable Kindness Decals

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So fun ... so special ... so meaningful

Bought two different versions for my grandchildren and they are wonderful reminders of what is really important and how even small acts of kindness really matter ... a very fun highlight of each day!
Highly recommend this wonderful product

Kindness any time

I love our new kindness calendar. We’ve enjoyed the Christmas advent kindness calendar. I was thrilled when this one came out - we used it for easter count down/lent. It was available partway through lent this year so I’m excited to use it at the beginning of lent next year but I’ve left it up for now and the kids like adding to it “just because.” It’s a brilliant idea and fosters independence and kindness all through the year. Thank you Kindness calendar! ☀️

Kindness all around

What a fabulous product Maran has created with her Kindness Calendar! Since our girls were little, we have always encouraged them to show kindness. We shared examples of showing kindness and stressed that this is an act that should be carried on throughout their lives - not just as children. The Kindness Calendar is a fabulous idea to help engage children of all ages, yes - even adults - to implement more kindness into their daily lives. We can all lead by example and show more kindness all around. As a parent, I love the quality of the calendar and decals. They leave no sticky residue behind and they have been easily moved to other areas of our home as if it is still brand new. The girls have enjoyed selecting a kindness decal to practice for the day. Thank you so much for designing a reusable product to help make our world a little more kind.

Exceptional gift for our god daughter's little boy.

This gift was received with immense enthusiasm by our god daughter in the UK. Not only is it unique, it is value based, beautiful and child friendly - everything you could want in an interactive "toy" for children in these times. The messages it teaches about love, respect and kindness will last a lifetime. Thank you to Maran and her team for the extraordinary thinking that went into its design. Every home with children in it would benefit from having one. I am filled with gratitude.

Best present ever!

In these trying times, we all need more kindness in our lives.
Teaching our children to be kind while having fun is such an incredible experience.
Love love LOVE this!
Totally recommending it!
Let's always choose kindness.