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Colour Your Feelings - Covid Community Kindness Project Week 4

My Kindness Calendar Free Printable - Colour Your Feelings

Another week over, just like that! I can't believe our last week of the Covid Community Kindness Project is here! It has been such a joy to have so many people join us over the past 3 weeks to spread kindness near and far. I've loved seeing people share their creations, colouring posters and inspiring actions, all in the name of kindness. 

For our final activity this week. I wanted to focus on something a little bit different. Instead of looking outwards to what we can do for others, I wanted to take a moment to look inwards instead. You've probably read that great book, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" It's so true - every act of kindness we do for someone else helps to fills their bucket and our own in turn. This is one of the reasons that doing kind acts is so vital right now - not just because others need it, but we need to heal and lift ourselves up in these tough times as well. 

There is no doubt about it, things are as challenging as ever. School may be cancelled for the year where you live, and summer camps maybe a thing of the past. Work commitments keep up coming, and kids keep on coming too... asking for snacks every 5 minutes or more. People are getting tired and lonely and mental health is suffering. We all feel it and get it - things are tough, for kids and adults alike. 

When things are tough for kids, we see it manifest in so many different ways. Maybe a change in behaviour or acting out more as a need for attention and attachment. Or more clinginess as a response to anxiety and uncertainly. Sleeping patterns might change, or eating habits too. This can be the same for adults as well. 

With this week's activity, "Colour Your Feelings", encourage your kids to check in with themselves and show you how they're feeling. It's often easier to put things on paper or through a creative outlet than to use words to express our feelings. Do this alongside your kids and create an opportunity for them to understand how you're doing too. Practice naming emotions and listening to someone else's experience. Understanding our emotions is a first vital step in building empathy and kindness. 

I hope this fun little colouring page will help provide some insight into how you and your family are feeling, and the self-discovery and understanding needed to recognize when we all need our own buckets filled too.  


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