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Neighbourhood Kindness Challenge - The Covid Community Kindness Project Week 3

Last week, I found inspiration for our Covid Community Kindness Project activity by asking what you and your kids miss most during the pandemic. Friends and family were at the top of the list, which is where the idea for Mail-a-Hug came from, as a chance to reach out to those we love and stay connected even while we’re apart.

This week, I challenged myself to start from a place of gratitude - what positives have come out of the experience? For me, seeing communities come together and neighbours find comfort and support in each other has been beautiful. The old days of regularly borrowing a cup of sugar seem to have fallen by the wayside... until Covid-19. All of a sudden, neighbours need each other for grocery runs, info sharing, and social contact, even from porch to porch. We’ve never needed each other more and communities are coming together and growing stronger as a result - this is a positive indeed!

Which is how the idea for the Neighbourhood Acts of Kindness printable came about. We’ve been having a great time finding ways to connect with our neighbours from a distance. From chalk art scavenger hunts to neighbourhood Olympics to text chains when you need it most. Doing something nice for our neighbours always fills their bucket and, of course, always fills our bucket in return.

Your kids can print this cute colouring sheet and post it in the neighbourhood as a chance to inspire more acts of kindness amongst strangers! They will love coming back to their poster to see if any of the ideas have been claimed, and, if you're lucky, they might even see evidence of the acts in the neighbourhood too! This interactive and engaging way to spread kindness will get your kids outside for some fresh air, get them socially interacting (from a distance), and most importantly, empowered them to make a difference and help create connected and kind communities.

Share a pic and tag My Kindness Calendar when your poster is up in your 'hood...we love to see your acts of kindness in action! 


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