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Mail-a-Hug: The Covid Community Kindness Project Week 2

Mail-a-Hug Colouring Sheet Template for Kids - My Kindness Calendar activity for kids

Life looks so different right now. If you asked your kids what’s the one thing they miss the most right now, what would they say? The park, play dates, family, friends...  

We all miss our people and can’t wait to give them a big squeeze once this need for social distancing softens. And until that time, we’ll continue to get creative on how to stay connected and make each other feel love from a distance. 

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we were racking our brains on how to spread that love to grandparents. If we can’t go to them, I thought, at least we can send a hug! 

With our FREE DOWNLOAD of the Mail-a-Hug template, your kids can send love in an adorable way to whomever they’re missing. Parents, grandparents, friends, cousins, teachers... who doesn’t want to get a hug in the mail? There’s something extra special about getting something in the real mail - the extra effort to find a stamp, go to the post box, let alone write the letter in impeccable penmanship... it shows some extra effort and care, especially in today's oh-so digital world full of screens and e-learning. This little something different can make our people feel that much more special. And be sure to thank your mail carrier for their essential service too in helping to deliver your letter - our Thank You Essential Workers Poster from Week #1 of the Covid Community Kindness Project is taped to our mailbox so we can share our thanks everyday!

Just print our Mail-a-Hug template and have your little one customize the image to their likeness, colour, and add a personalized message. 

Fold the hug 3 ways and mail in a legal sized envelope. When your special someone opens the letter, they’re be sure to feel the love and the hug coming straight for them! ❤️🤗


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