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Our Favourite Kindness Crafts

Kindness Rocks - crafts for kids and toddlers that teach kindness

Let’s be honest. I’m an adult who likes to do crafts.The list of reasons to do art with your kids is long. It encourages self expression, promotes creativity and innovation, and boosts self esteem. It helps with fine motor skills and dexterity and improves hand-eye coordination. But in case all this isn’t enough, add a theme like “kindness” to your crafting and you have a perfect venue to explore ideas and raise important conversations in a fun and engaging way. It’s no secret that our raison-d’etre at My Kindness Calendar is to help empower kids to practice and adults to role-model kindness through easy everyday actions. And so here are some of our favourite activities that will let you do just that! These Kindness Crafts are the perfect warm up to your holiday season, as you get ready for a month of counting down to Christmas with acts of kindness and My Kindness Advent Calendar. Guaranteed to get you in the sprit and start the conversation on being kind!