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Covid-friendly acts of kindness to do from home to celebrate World Kindness Day

Covid-friendly acts of kindness to do from home to celebrate World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! 

Well of course, 2020 - World Kindness Day just happens to fall on a Friday the 13th this year. But 2020 ain't got nothing on this day. I'd say the world needs a little extra kindness more than ever right now, and what better time to start than today! Since 1998, November 13 has been recognized as THE day to internationally celebrate the importance of being kind. So let's get to it and warm up those kindness muscles before Advent starts on December 1! Covid may have distanced us, but it won't hold us back. We've got you covered with 20 easy acts of kindness you can do this year, even from home and in isolation!

A chat with mini mioche's Alyssa Kerbel - a kindness kindred spirit

I've said it before and I'll say it again - one of the most rewarding things about the entrepreneurial journey is the chance to connect with other amazing women in business with aligned values and experience to share. Speaking of... I've had the pleasure of getting to know the amazing Alyssa Kerbel, founder of mini mioche. Fast forward 11 years since mini mioche began, and Alyssa's underlying core value of kindness that was integral to the brand since day 1 continues to inform what she does at work and at home as a parent. I was thrilled to sit down with Alyssa and hear why she believes so strongly in the power of kindness and a positive mindset, how it's made her successful in business, and why she believes in tools (like ours) that make it possible for parents to focus on kindness and positivity with their kids. 

The Power of Affirmations and Story Behind My Mindset Magnets

My Mindset Magnets - Positive affirmation magnet set for kids and adults
Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome negative thoughts. When repeated often and consistently, they help to change our mindset, build a positive and growth-centred mindset, and increase self-confidence and resiliency. With all of the uncertainty and anxiety that Covid has thrust upon us, affirmations can be a coping tool, a grounding practice and a means of empowerment. It's for these reasons that I was inspired to create our newest product, My Mindset Magnets, during the pandemic.