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The Power of Affirmations and Story Behind My Mindset Magnets

My Mindset Magnets - Positive affirmation magnet set for kids and adults
Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome negative thoughts. When repeated often and consistently, they help to change our mindset, build a positive and growth-centred mindset, and increase self-confidence and resiliency. With all of the uncertainty and anxiety that Covid has thrust upon us, affirmations can be a coping tool, a grounding practice and a means of empowerment. It's for these reasons that I was inspired to create our newest product, My Mindset Magnets, during the pandemic. 

Colour Your Feelings - Covid Community Kindness Project Week 4

For our fourth week of the Covid Community Kindness Project, we have a fun craft that will help your kids check in with themselves and their emotions. It's often easier to put things on paper or through a creative outlet than to use words to express our feelings. With this cute colouring poster, kids will have the chance to exercise self-reflection in a creative and engaging way. Understanding our emotions is a first vital step in building empathy and kindness, and it's so easy with a colouring sheet like this. 

Neighbourhood Kindness Challenge - The Covid Community Kindness Project Week 3

For our third week of the Covid Community Kindness Project, we have a fun craft to spread kindness within your neighbourhood... even when social distancing! With our Neighbourhood Kindness Challenge, your kids will inspire acts of kindness amongst neighbours. Kids will love colouring their poster, putting it up in the neighbourhood, and seeing the acts of kindness fulfilled by friends and pop up in the community. Just print, colour and put it up, and inspire some kindness today.